Everything You Need to Know About HD Lace Frontal Wigs

by Tyler T.

What would make you prefer wearing a wig to styling your hair? Questions similar to this were the order of the day when the wigs were new into the market. It was when women were not buying the idea that a wig could take over their natural hair beauty. But today, if you were to conduct a poll about the number of ladies using wigs, you might get more than 80 percent of women are on board this trend.

It is for this reason that wigs have had constant upgrades since their introduction into the fashion market, and this is indeed an improvement thanks to technological advances. Today’s hd lace frontal wig features an invisible transparent lace on the scalp. This ensures a natural look and an exposed hairline that does nothing other than render the wig undetectable with its natural, seamless look.

How to Wear HD Lace Frontal Wig

Despite the utmost beauty and uniqueness found in the lace frontal wigs, the unspoken facts that only a few women will openly air out is their worries about people noticing they have a wig or, worst of all presence of hair strands popping out from the side. As a result, some of the most commonly searched questions about lace frontal wigs include, is the wig ready to be worn straight from its packaging? How do you go about it to ensure it does not slip? And many more questions from the sizes to the face shapes the wigs perfectly match.

So to wear the front wig, you will need to:

Flatten Your hair

Depending on the immediate size of your hair, you may need to figure out different styling methods. For instance, if you have longer hair, it is best to use hair clips all around your head to ensure its all flattened to the head. On the other hand, if you have short hair, it will be best if you brush it back, off your face, and flat pin it into curls. This procedure is essential for a uniform and bump-less base for the wig.

Skin Preparation

This procedure involves using a gentle cleanser to wash your forehead, specifically around the hairline region. This should help remove any excess oils in these areas, after which you will need to wipe dry the water before putting on your wig. Some people also have sensitive skin that may need extra attention using a scalp-protecting serum.

Fit Your Wig

This may somehow be a task for beginners, but it’s not anything worth sweating about. All you will need to do is hold the wig around the label, forward tilt your head, and place the wig from the forehead toward the back, as you would do with a bathing cap. You should then tilt the wig back and front until it matches your natural hairline.

The good thing about doing this in front of a large mirror is that you will get to notice any hair strands left out of the wig and immediately tuck them in. One more thing you should note with the wig is that if it’s a new wig and you happen to feel pain anywhere in your scalp, that will be a sign that the wig is too tight. So you may need to loosen the straps from its inside.

Additionally, you must also note that in case you have a sensitive scalp, you may feel irritations on your skin even after loosening the wig, which may be a sign that you should use a different brand.

So get yourself the best hd lace frontal wigs today from lolly hair collections, and get to learn a lot about the wigs from the website. You will also find many other hair products that might be handy for your hair as well.

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