How to Choose the Best Laptop Battery

by Tyler T.

In recent years, laptops have become essential equipment for doing personal activities. They are portable and come with removable or non-removable batteries. The batteries power the computer, allowing you to operate from areas away from the power outlet. Laptop models are plenty in the market, as well as their batteries such as the HP. The HP laptop battery genuine is a good quality battery that works efficiently and comes with an affordable price tag. In this post, we look at the laptop selecting tips.

Tips for Selecting a Laptop Battery

You don’t buy a battery just because you’ve stumbled into one at the store. Some factors determine how good a battery is and if it suits and fits your purpose. They include;

1. Condition of the Battery

When the battery stalls or stops working, and you decide to purchase a new one, in most cases, you come up with a budget of how much you are willing to spend. Your price range determines the condition of the battery you get. The market has both new are refurbished ones, and the new ones are better than their counterparts. They are more expensive while refurbished are cheaper but can stop working at any time. Some have no warranty, which is terrible, especially if it’s damaged within days and you cant take it back.

2. Compatibility

Most batteries are designed to be model-specific; thus, they can only function in the exact laptop model. Note the model of your laptop before buying. Use the original paperwork given to you after the purchase to check the details, check the battery compartment, or seek assistance from the seller. Some refurbished batteries can work in different laptop models, which is great if you can’t find your kind. However, be keen on the quality, the charge cycles, and the specifications.

3. The Capacity of the Battery

It is a factor that is often overlooked by many, and others don’t understand what it means. Battery capacity refers to the energy within the battery. There are two types of battery capacities: high and low. We use computers for various purposes, and you should consider that before choosing the capacity. Heavy loads of work require more power and charging the battery often depletes the cycles fast. In this case, a high-capacity battery is necessary. A low-capacity battery can handle simple tasks, so go for what works best.

4. Number of Charge Cycles

Each battery has cycles that reduce every time it’s charged. The number of cycles in one battery type differs from the other; hence it depends on how often you use the laptop and how long you want it to last. Most cycles range between 350 and 1500, depending on the model.

5. Battery Size

Laptops come in different sizes, and the batteries also differ. Big laptops tend to have large batteries and vice versa. Measure the original battery and get one with the exact specifications to fit in the slot.

Bottom Line

Selecting the perfect battery has been made easy for you by following the tips above. A good battery saves you money, lasts longer, and is efficient. It allows for laptop portability, free from a power outlet, and lasts long before recharging. Buy from an authorized dealer to get a high-quality battery.

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