What Is The Most Popular Bathroom Design?

by Tyler T.
popular bathroom design

These days, the bathroom has become a luxury and sanctuary rather than a necessity. People don’t give a second thought while spending money on the bathroom renovation. Why not? It’s a place where we relax and start a new day.

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, the first thing that comes in mind, how to proceed. Which design will suit my space? How to decorate my bathroom? Relax. Here we come with the popular bathroom design to help you decide what suits your place! Let’s dive in.

Popular Bathroom Design Ideas You’ll Love

A bathroom is a functional place; however, that doesn’t mean it can’t be attractive. From bathroom vanity Bunnings to even toilets, you can design it in your own ways. Still, to get an inspirational idea, explore the following stylish bathroom remodeling ideas.

Biophilic Bathroom Design

Let’s start a design for nature lovers. People who love to be in touch with nature can try the biophilic design in their bathroom. That is to say; people are calmer, more efficient, and focused on who is surrounded by nature. So, you can keep a touch of nature everywhere in the bathroom.

  • Choose a greenery wallpaper for the powder room.
  • Keep the rest of the wall a combination of white and green.
  • You can try a standalone tub with odd shape to inspire nature.
  • Pick natural tile material with a soothing tone.

Simple Décor with Shining Lights

If you like too basic, a simple décor will work for you. You can try minimalist fittings that are distinct and interesting.

  • Place an open shower with a glass wall
  • Choose simple looking bathroom vanity
  • Pick the colors between brushed, gold, black, copper, or shined.

Bohemian Dreamland

The bathrooms with ample space can get a modern twist with bohemian touches.

  • Try vessel sink with bohemian touches
  • Place a freestanding tube opposite to bathroom vanity.
  • Include leather cabinet pulls in vanity
  • Try patterned concrete tiles and place a traditional carpet above.

Terrazzo Design

Terrazzo is always a designer’s choice. It includes a blend of natural stone, marble, and cement. This can be used in wall surfaces, decorative accessories, shower walls, flooring, and even ceramic sink. It gives the bathroom an aesthetic look.

Mixture of Color

Bathroom time is self-time; it becomes interesting when there are more colors and artworks. You can keep a combination of all the colors in the bathroom.

  • Choose colorful fittings and faucets.
  • Place a colorful artwork near the bathtub.
  • Try bright accessories.

Warm Wooden Touches

Wooden touch in the bathroom is the king these days. Try wooden frame in the mirror and wood-supported vanity with gray or other bright colored sinks. Choose everything else of white color, including floor, wall, toilet, and even white curtain. 

Floating Vanity with Side-Mounted Faucets

Floating vanities are a chic option for the modern bathroom and also functional. These are easy to clean and look elegant, as well. Along with floating vanity, side-mounted faucets enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

Black and Bold Bathrooms

Black and bold bathrooms are in trend these days. These bathrooms are spa-inspired where everything should be dark, bright, and sultry. Give a touch of gray with the black for a more artistic look.


In any major renovation project, sound planning is essential. It would be best if you decided on the design even before starting. We hope you can get a better idea of our suggested popular bathroom design. So, ready to get started? Best of luck.

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