Should I buy a frameless shower screen?

by Tyler T.

The price of the frameless shower screens is something of a bother for a lot of people. Hence they go for other models because of a few assumptions. Now apart from the price, the frameless shower screens have little to no weakness compared to other shower frame designs. This article in addition to discussing the current price range for the frameless shower screens will discuss something else. We will pa attention to the more common assumptions about the frameless shower screens.

But before all that, we might as well find out more about the frameless shower screens. I mean, to critique something you should have decent knowledge about it.

A Brief Introduction to the Frameless Shower Screens

The shower screens were invented as the demand for a dedicated bathing space in bathrooms increased. Families and individuals all over the world share this need. As adults, we spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom. We do this without even realising it. So a lot of people endeavour to make their bathrooms as comfortable as possible.

The frameless shower screens is a very recent attempt to elevate the inherent beauty of a typical bathroom to a whole new level. Regardless of how awesome your bathroom already is, the frameless shower screens can still very well work wonders.

The frameless shower screens are shower screens without frames. Exactly as the name implies. However, this lack of a frame is the backbone of one of the more popular rumours and false facts about the frameless shower screens.

Myths surrounding the Frameless Shower Screen

We will just be addressing two very popular myths. The first about the durability and the second about the price of the frameless shower screens.

The very first in the list of popular myths is that the frameless shower screens are somehow a weaker version of the framed and semi-frameless shower screens. This is not true. For one, did you know that the glass used in the frameless shower screens is usually thicker than the glass used in others? So you can rest easy knowing that the glass would not be breaking anytime soon just because of a very little bump.

Next rumour is that the price is unreasonably high. But actually, the price is estimated to be just about 15% higher than the framed version. This means that the typical frameless shower screens do not vary by much when compared with the semi-frameless screens.

Actual Price Range

Depending on what part of the world you are, the price of the frameless shower screens should not vary by much. You could find frameless designs as cheap as $150. However, you could also find designs as high as $1,300. So depending on your budget, you could probably find something for you.


The price of the frameless shower screens might be high but trust us. It is worth it. You have an exquisite taste which is why you are researching frameless shower screens. So you might as well go for the frameless shower screen price which fits into your financial plans.

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