Six Best Ways to Maintain Your Hair or Wig

by Tyler T.

Like every other aggressive woman for extraordinary beauty, you need to have an appearance that is unique. You can only achieve this by having the best hairstyle. Selecting the best bundles with closure will not be worth it if you will not maintain and care for your hair treasures. You might want to ensure that your hair closure, i.e., wigs and other bundles, are well-taken care of to serve you for a more extended period. This article will outline some hints that you need to follow keenly to ensure you have the best hair wig or hair in that case.

Pre-Washing Procedures

To wash your wig, you need systematically follow some set steps and protocols. You must comb your wig before washing it. You can use either a brush or your fingers to rinse your wig. Combing your wig before washing is of great importance as it protects your wig from breaking while washing.

Actual Washing of the Wig

Use a shampoo to wash your wig. It is very crucial to ensure that washing should be gentle. According to experts placing your sink in cold water for a while makes the wig moist. Check on which type and kind of shampoo are best for removing residue and dirty. To avoid damaging your hair through tangling, it is good to spread the shampoo evenly during washing. The essence of careful washing or procedural washing is to ensure a longer expectancy of the wigs’ life.

Wig Conditioning

This is another procedure that you need to carry to ensure that your hair texture is excellent. You can use a re-known air conditioner or a moisturizing agent. You are likely to take approximately five minutes to condition in order to achieve the best results. However, be careful to let the wig for about three minutes in the shampoo solution. Allowing it to sit in the solution will ensure that the shampoo works maximally.

Ensure that you are as gentle as possible while rubbing the wig or air. Washing and cleansing should be done using cold water at all times.

Wig drying

It is best if you air dry your wig or your hair as compared to blow-drying. Using the air-drying technique will ensure that you don’t expose your wig to uncontrolled heat that might break or damage your wig. Following the guide carefully as directed by the manufacturer is the best thing that you need to do.

Wig Designing

Suppose your wig is dry no need to leave it shabby. It is best if you roll your wig to any direction of your liking. In case of any damage, experts advise that you should use a thermal device to repair it. However, it is very vital to check on the proper temperatures to use or employ other temperature protective devices during the whole process.


Storing has a significant impact on the life span of your wig. Storing in a place that is dry and cool at the same time is the best practice. Direct sunlight causes damages, and so do children.

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