Five knives that you should have in your kitchen

by Tyler T.

Suppose you are looking to purchase a new knife or upgrade your kit; maybe it is the first time you want to get a set of knives, and you feel overwhelmed about the options out there. The critical thing to remember is two significant factors when you are looking for a knife. The five most essential knives in the kitchen are available here.

The first thing is the budget. It is recommended that you spend as much as you can comfortably afford on good knives. If you get poor quality products, they will perform poorly, while good quality knives perform well and last longer.

Secondly, it would be great if you consider your feel. You should get a knife based on what you feel is right for you. Our primary objective is to give you an essential kitchen knife guide that will help you choose the best knife.

What are the five most essential knives in the kitchen?

The kitchen’s essential knives in the kitchen are the chef knife, bread knife, utility knife, paring knife, and beater paring knife.

Chef knife

Chef knives come in various shapes and designs. These depend on the country of origin, purpose and brand. When using chef’s knives, it is essential to pay attention to things such as the ergonomics of the handle. The handle should not be slippery in your hands to avoid causing accidents, especially when working with fruits.

Bread knife

If you usually cook savoury food, a chef knife might not be the number one knife you require in your kitchen. Although, if you mostly bake pastry products in your kitchen, a bread knife might be crucial. Bread knives need special attention on the type of blade, its length, and the teeth’ width. Teeth serration is the primary difference between the chef knife and bread knife.

With a bread knife, you can cut soft foods. Soft food is food that has soft skin, for example, bread and cake. The main con of bread knives is that they are difficult to sharpen. Many people do not even bother, so they end up going for a cheap knife that they can get rid of within a short period.

Utility knife

Utility knives are handy because they are in between a chef’s knife and a paring knife. The blade knife is usually 5 -7 inches. They are great for doing different produce breakdowns that the chef knife might be too bulky to handle. The ergonomics of the handle are comfortable, which make the knife an easy-to-use knife. Utility knives may cost more, but they are worth it.

Paring knife

Paring knives may be mostly neglected because other knives can serve their function quite well. The utility or chef knives would primarily be used for the cuttings that the paring knife would do. Paring knives are ideal for decorative cutting, gum paste, fondant or chocolate.

Beater pairing knife

Beater paring knives are essential and do not have edges. They are best used for cutting open a box, pulling a dessert bar from a tough frame, cutting through the tin foil, or other kitchen jobs. Sometimes you may need a heated knife, and a beater paring knife would serve the purpose.

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