Interesting Neon Signs Ideas for Weddings

by Tyler T.

A wedding is a life-changing event of a person’s life, and everyone works to make the day perfect. Everything is double-checked and validated, from the wedding cake to the stage decorations. And you often find the couple discussing and changing things around last minute!

When it comes to wedding decorations, the possibilities are endless. There is literally nothing one can’t customize for their special day. However, sometimes, the availability of endless options becomes overwhelming.

A neon wedding sign will prove life-saving if you are not into wedding trends and preferences and want something timeless yet elegant. These vibrant, glowing signs add a fun and whimsy touch to any wedding theme. So without any further ado, let’s look at some exciting ways you can use neon signs for wedding decor.

Creative Wedding Décor with Neon Signs

Wedding decorations depend on your preference and, to some extent, on the ongoing trends. However, some decoration ideas remain ageless, and the ones mentioned here will make the perfect choice in all settings.

Couple’s Names

One of the most popular ways to incorporate neon signs into wedding decor is by featuring the couple’s names. It can be done in various ways, from a classic “Mr. & Mrs.” sign to a more personalized design featuring the couple’s first names or initials.

A neon sign featuring the couple’s names can be displayed behind the head table, on the dance floor, or in a photo booth area. Moreover, you can also customize a neon sign to something like X weds Y or if the couple has any nicknames.

Love Quotes

Another great way to charm up your wedding décor is by featuring a love quote or saying. You can also pick a romantic saying from a movie, a song lyric, a line from a poem, or anything else. But don’t forget to take the opinion of your partner. Or you can keep it a surprise as well!

You can display neon signs as ceremony backdrops, as a photoshoot background, or above the sweetheart table.

Jokes Or Fun Phrases

A neon sign featuring a fun phrase can be an excellent option for couples who want to add a touch of humor to their wedding.

It could be a clever play on words like “let’s party like it’s 1999” or a simple message like “cheers to love.” A fun phrase neon sign can be displayed at the bar, on the dance floor, or in a lounge area.


In the age of social media, many couples create wedding hashtags so their guests can easily share photos and memories from the big day. A neon sign featuring the wedding hashtag can be a fun way to encourage guests to use it throughout the night. You can display a hashtag neon sign anywhere, but the ideal places would be near the bar, the dance floor, or as a ceremony backdrop with other signs.

Guide Signs

Directions are necessary whether you are celebrating the event indoors or outdoors, and neon signs help elegantly convey the message. You can use neon signs to point to the stage area, reception, photo booth, or bar.

Placing a directional neon sign near the entrance to the venue or at focal points throughout the space are some great ideas as well.

Final Verdict

Neon signs are a fun and unique way to add customizations and style to your wedding. There are countless ways to incorporate neon signs into your wedding decor, from featuring the couple’s names to using fun phrases and hashtags.

For instance, you can design a sign of a couple dancing for the dance floor or a doodle camera and photos to indicate the photo booth. Or maybe, two beer glasses cheering to mark the bar area!

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