Selecting The Ideal Photo For Your Diamond Painting

by Tyler T.

You have that family photo and aspire to turn a photo into diamond painting, right? Then you have nothing to stop you. But before taking any step, you should consider a few important facts:

1. Choose high-quality pictures to upload

One major factor you need to consider whether this is a potential hobby or not is the possibility of enjoying yourself in the long run. It would be best if you did not worry about the processes involved but the quality of pictures you will use in creating a diamond painting.

Thousands of experts in this sector would agree that you will have fun in the long run when you use diamonds in creating pictures. So how do you accomplish that? By ensuring that you select the right photos to paint. That is high-quality pictures. Their features include:

  • Large
  • High quality
  • Taken under excellent lighting
  • The image must not be blurred. It will not work well as the diamond painting if it is. So, there is a need to make sure that the image is of super high quality.

2. Things that make an excellent photo


The pixel could be a little diamond. The more there are, the more possible it becomes to pick an image and pack it into a detailed painting.

Your photo is required to have a LOT of various pixels for diamonds. In that case, when blown up into a canvas, the final painting will have a crystal-clear look just like the original photo.

3. Color inspection before choosing a photo

People often ask why the beautiful diamond paintings come with some weird color on white parts. Others may ask why they are green or brown in specific parts. The truth is that if the initial picture is blue or red, the diamonds will be exactly where they are supposed to be in the long run.

Besides, if you see some hue in the picture, then the color will flow into other painting areas. In these areas, you should expect some white color. To determine the results, you need to zoom into the photo when you see some imperfection elements.

At the end of it all, you should understand that you can make a big difference by adjusting the basic colors. Go ahead and concentrate on the original colors of the photo. At this point, you need to visualize their actual look after diamond painting.

4. Consider the aspect ratio of the photo and the art.

In diamond art painting, the aspect ratio refers to the total length and the width of your photo. In many cases, it is expressed as approximately 500 by 1000. Aspect ratios in diamond paintings can lead to the distortion of images if the canvas image and its ratio are not the same as the aspect original photo’s aspect ratio. To have a clear view of the new canvas, then you need a scaled photo. It may also be stretched.

Final Thoughts

Diamond art painting is a hobby involving the technique of color balance in photos. To achieve excellent results, you need to select the ideal color balance. Without this, the final product can be different than the actual picture.

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