Guide to help you keep your kitchen sink in pristine condition

by Tyler T.

Domestic chores can be cumbersome, but it’s of high necessity to promote healthy living and ensure a disease-free environment. A dirty home speaks volumes about the hygiene level of its owner. Therefore, it’s highly essential to pay particular attention to hygiene within the home. The kitchen happens to be a hub where lots of routine activities like cooking are carried out daily.

Unlike manna from heaven, meals require specific preparatory measures before they are brought to reality. These preparations start with maintaining a healthy environment where the meal is prepared. A large part of preparation is however, done in the kitchen sink. The sinks are kitchen equipment used basically for washing of kitchen utensils, foodstuffs, and dishes.

After consumption of food comes yet another round of washing, this involves washing of dishes, which many don’t do immediately after eating, leaving them to pile up. In this article, the focus will be on useful information that aids the maintenance of your kitchen sinks.

Choice of Sieves.

Sieves differ in sizes of retention; they are utensils mainly used to drain water from grainy foodstuffs when washed. It is expedient to use sieve sizes that increase the chances of retention of these grains to prevent the kitchen drain from clogging. A clogged sink reduces or temporarily stops the passage of water out of the tub, leaving a residual water-logged sink.

Thorough Rinsing.

Oily stains, acids, and salts are all after-effects of washing. In the long run, these potential threats lead to corrosion in situations where they are not properly rinsed off, particularly in the case of stainless steel sinks. You should endeavor to run a large quantity of water after washing to keep the glow of your sink.

Use of Non-abrasives.

Abrasive cleaners should be restricted to mechanical equipment were chopping off, and chipping is necessary, as these processes require friction to achieve cleaning. Once used on kitchen equipment like the stainless steel sinks, they produce a gritty effect that wears off the sparkling luster. For kitchen sinks, however, it’s essential to consider the choice of nonabrasive scrubbers like foams when removing specks of dirt, as they have a mild effect when cleansing.

Application of Home Remedies.

In situations where there’s clogging, home remedies like the combination of vinegar and Baking Soda have proved handy. The soda is poured into the drain initially; then, the vinegar is applied after some time to create a dissolution. After unclogging the drain, water should be allowed to run through to cleanse and ensure free passage through the drain.

Avoid Pile Ups.

Often, you find yourself tired after consuming a sumptuous meal. At times, there’s that one activity left undone, which you try to attend to after eating. These two grow into unhygienic habits over time.

Washing of dishes after eating should be immediate action, as the stacking of these dishes results in a stenchy environment that breeds disease carriers like houseflies.

Final Thought

Before the installation of this essential kitchen equipment, it’s the job of the user to make findings on durable sinks as they are exposed to water all through their life span. Kitchen sinks like the stainless steel sink┬áis fabricated to give your kitchen that sparkling look, as they hardly corrode.

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